'Angry Black Woman' Stands With Israel [Video]

Robert Jonathan

Pro-Israel activist Chloe Valdary insists that there is no parallel between the U.S. civil rights movement and the Palestinian struggle with the Jewish state.

Valdary is a student at the University of New Orleans where she is a dedicated campus advocate for Israel. She is affiliated with several Zionist organizations. She grew up in New Orleans in a Christian home.

In an open letter to a pro-Palestinian student group published in Tablet Magazine and subtitled "a letter from an Angry Black Woman," Chloe Valdary wrote in part:

"The student organization Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) is prominent on many college campuses, preaching a mantra of 'Freeing Palestine.' It masquerades as though it were a civil rights group when it is not. Indeed, as an African-American, I am highly insulted that my people's legacy is being pilfered for such a repugnant agenda. It is thus high time to expose its agenda and lay bare some of the fallacies they peddle..."
"... You see, my people have always been Zionists because my people have always stood for the freedom of the oppressed. So, you most certainly do not get to culturally appropriate my people's history for your own. You do not have the right to invoke my people's struggle for your shoddy purposes and you do not get to feign victimhood in our name. You do not have the right to slander my people's good name and link your cause to that of Dr. King's. Our two causes are diametrically opposed to each other. Your cause is the antithesis of freedom. It has cost hundreds of thousands of lives of both Arabs and Jews. It has separated these peoples, and has fomented animosity between them. It has led to heartache, torment, death and destruction..."

In a development that hopefully could signal a potential end to hostilities, Israel and Hamas just agreed to a 72-hour truce in the fighting in Gaza, along with peace talks in Cairo, Egypt.

Separately, Saturday Night Live alum Jon Lovitz took to Twitter to express his support for Israel and to debate critics of that country's incursion in Gaza:

Added: Chloe Valdary allegedly attacked by anti-Israel demonstrator: