13-Year-Old Murder: Homeless Man Allegedly Stabbed To Death By Teen In Cape Coral

A 13-year-old boy is accused of murder after he allegedly stabbed a homeless man to death in Cape Coral over the weekend. According to NBC-2, Yoel Munoz was arrested on Sunday, suspected of murdering 51-year-old Thomas Bergstrom. The teen has no prior criminal history and his family insists that he's innocent, but police have found enough evidence to arrest Monoz.

According to the report, Bergstrom was found on Saturday just a mile from Monoz's home. The man had several stab wounds and was left to die in a wooded area near the Cape Coral Christian Center where he lived in a "makeshift shelter."

The 13-year-old murder suspect may have not known the homeless man or premeditated this murder. According to Wink News, Yoel Munoz was charged with burglary while armed and second degree murder. It is unknown why the teen would want to rob a homeless man, and police have not released specific details on a possible motive.

Friends of Bergstrom are shocked to hear the news. One said that he was a friendly guy who always wanted to help someone out.

"He was always open to help somebody. It didn't matter what situation he was in. He was just always open, you know, to talk to somebody. He chose this life. He had money that he got at the first of every month, but he loved being this way."

The 13-year-old murder suspect might have killed the homeless man because of a gang affiliation. Monoz reportedly went to the hospital after the incident with a stab wound in his leg. He told the hospital staff that he got in trouble with a gang of about 10 men who attacked him when he told them he wanted out. It is unknown if any of this is true.

As far as what police found, the report stated some pretty clear evidence that led police right to Munoz's doorstep.

"A knife was found by a nearby pond, as well as a mask covered in strange writings and blood. Police traced that evidence back to Munoz's home. At the home, they found blood on the window and walls, as well as the bed. A knife set in the kitchen, matched the knife found at the scene."

The 13-year-old accused of the murder of the homeless man in Cape Coral wasn't the only teen accused of murdering a homeless person this summer. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, three teens were arrested and charged in the brutal killing of two homeless men in Albuquerque in July. Those attacks were premeditated according to authorities.

[Photo courtesy of Cape Coral Police Department via News-Press]