IHOP Shooting Leaves Two Dead

At least two people are dead after a man opened fire at an IHOP in Carson City, Nevada. The man, who has not yet been identified, shot 8 people before taking his own life.

Chief Deputy Jack Freer, said:

“There’s seven in surgery either at Renown Medical Center in Reno or in Carson City.”

Conflicting reports are currently circulating about the number of people dead. The Reno-Gazette Journal reports that three people were fatally wounded, but according to ABC News, only two people died in the incident. ABC reports that the gunman killed one man and shot 7 others before turning the gun on himself.

According to the Reno-Gazette Journal, a local paper, a man in a red shirt pulled up to the IHOP in a blue minivan. He shot and killed a man outside on a motorcycle before turning his aim to the rest of the people at the scene. Witnesses say that the gunman ran into the IHOP at around 9 this morning.

Freer added:

“The suspect did die of a self inflicted gunshot wound. No shots were fired by law enforcement.”

Helicopters from three nearby bases were called to the scene to transport victims to the Renown Medical Center. Kurt Althof, a public relations manager for Care Flight, said that at least two victims were in critical condition.

The Record Courier, another local newspaper, reports that the man had a semi-automatic weapon. Based on preliminary information, police believe that the male shooter was a former employee of the Nevada IHOP.