Fried Bubblegum Is The Newest Fair Food

Move over fried chicken, fried fish and even fried beer, there’s a new fried in town and believe it or not it’s fried bubblegum, a new choice that will be hitting the Texas State Fair circuit this week.

The Texas State Fair is known for some crazy fried foods thanks to their fried food competition, last year we were introduced to fried beer, the year before that they brought us the heart attack inducing joy of fried butter and now Justin Martinez has created fried bubblegum.

According to Martinez:

“It almost has that blow up effect where it almost looks like someone’s blowing a bubble.”

Justin says he received the idea from one of his employees and now he’s just hoping he can take home the “Big Tex Choice Awards.”

So how exactly is fried bubblegum made? Marshmallows are infused with bubble gum extract, which are then inserted into pink batter, followed by the fryer. According to Justin:

“We give it a little bit of blue icing on top and then those chicklets to give it some color, it gives it a nice appeal.”

If he plans to win the competition however Justin will need to be on the top of his game, for example he’ll have to beat fried salsa that features cheese in the middle.

The best tasting fried food will be chosen later this week, while Texas State Fair visitors can attend the fair from September 30th through October 23rd.

If you happen to give fried bubblegum a try at the fair, be sure to stop back in and let us know what you think.