Illegal Immigrants Hail From 75 Countries, Some Terror 'Hot Beds' And Ebola Outbreak Locales [Report]

Illegal immigrants are crossing the Texas border into the United States from 75 different countries, some known for terrorist ties and others locations where Ebola is present, according to a new Border Patrol report and Governor Rick Perry's comments to CNN.

The Border Patrol report stated that most of the human smuggling going on at the Texas border involves people from Albania and Syria coming into the country via Central America. An increase in border apprehensions of individuals from nations where the Ebola outbreak is ongoing have also been experienced, according to the Border Patrol report. A total of 71 illegal immigrants from three Ebola outbreak countries have either been caught entering the United States or turned themselves in recently along the Mexican border.

During the interview with CNN, Texas Governor Rick Perry said that Texas is experiencing "historic records highs" of illegal immigrant apprehensions from countries with "substantial terrorist ties" like Syria, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

Rick Perry also had this to say about the illegal immigration problem along the Texas border:

"I'm the governor of the state of Texas. My citizens' safety is what is foremost here, and it hasn't got anything to do with anything other than those numbers of individuals who are coming across the border. And when you think about the idea that some of them are from countries that have substantial terrorist ties, whether it's Pakistan or Afghanistan or Syria, we are at historic record highs with individuals being apprehended from those countries."
The Border Patrol report published by Brietbart Texas also revealed that four people from Yemen were captured by agents so far this year. Another 34 illegal immigrants from Yemen either turned themselves in or were found while attempting to maneuver through official border entry ports. In all, 28 illegal aliens from Pakistan have been captured by Border Patrol agents this year, according to the agency's report. Four people from Somalia were caught by agents and another 290 turned themselves in or were also realized when passing through border portals.

The illegal immigration document also reportedly states that as of July 20, 1,443 people from China has been caught sneaking into the United States along the Texas border. Another 1,802 Chinese immigrants turned themselves in to agents or were caught attempting to go into the United States and official border crossings.

Thirteen individuals from Egypt were also reportedly captured while attempting to walk into America. A total of 168 Egyptians reportedly surrendered themselves or were caught at border entry ports.

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