38% Of Europeans Are Mentally Ill [Research Study]

A three-year, 30-country study has found that 38% of Europe’s nearly 165 million citizens suffer from some type of mental illness.

According to the study the main illnesses include depression, anxiety, dementia, insomnia and other mental and neurological issues that cost Europeans hundreds of billions of euros each year to treat.

According to one of the studies authors:

“Mental disorders have become Europe’s largest health challenge of the 21st century.”

Over the three-year period the study examined 100 mental illnesses and disorders and it found that the four most serious issues include depression, dementia, alcohol dependence and stroke.

One doctor involved in the study told Reuters:

“If you can get in early you may be able to change the trajectory of the illness so that it isn’t inevitable that people go into disability,” while they went on to add, “If we really want not to be left with this huge reservoir of mental and brain illness for the next few centuries, then we ought to be investing more now.”

Mental illness is an increasingly diagnosed problem in countries around the world and much like Europe the cost of treating such illnesses in North America, Asian countries and other areas has continued to increase.

Do you know someone who suffers from a mental illness? If you live in Europe there’s a one in three chance that someone in your very own family suffers from some type of mental disorder.