Brett Favre Reunion With Green Bay Packers Is A Big Deal

Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers have finally made amends and their reunion will be a big deal for one of the most storied franchises in the NFL. On Sunday night, the Green Bay Packers and the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame Inc. issued a statement to the media. Their joint statement was that the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame would be holding a press conference on Monday August 4th at 1:30 pm regarding Brett Favre.

Brett Favre has been largely alienated by the Green Bay Packers after a rocky end to their relationship in 2008, when Favre was traded to the New York Jets. After 16 seasons in Green Bay, Favre was aging and Aaron Rodgers was waiting in the wings. Favre decided he would rather retire than be replaced. He later changed his mind and the team was forced to trade him.

After retiring for good as a Minnesota Viking in 2011, Brett Favre has managed to stay around the NFL. One of the biggest questions was if Favre would be able to make things right with the Packers. It seems that Favre fans will finally get to see the future NFL Hall of Famer be recognized for his accomplishments as a Packer.

According to sources of ESPN, the announcement will be two fold. First, the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame Inc., which is separate from the Packers franchise, will induct Brett Favre into their hall of fame. Favre will also have his number four jersey retired by the Green Bay Packers Franchise. Although Favre will not be able to be present, he will speak via telephone.

Brett Favre has since owned up to his fault in the strained relationship with the Green Bay Packers franchise, stating on numerous occasions that he struggled to let go. Interestingly enough it has also come out in the last year that Favre has suffered from serious head injuries resulting in memory loss.

For Brett Favre to have given so much to and for the Packers, it would have been strange for him not to be in the team’s Hall of Fame. It is a good thing for the NFL, the Green Bay Packers, and Brett Favre that the two parties were able to work things out and give the fans what they want.

[Image via MW Journal Sentinel]