June 16, 2013
Missing German Hikers Found Shot To Death In Hindu Kush Mountains

Two German hikers who went missing three weeks ago while hiking through the Hindu Kush Mountains were found shot to death according to the regions police general.

After the hikers were missing for several weeks rescuers headed out from the paths main road and walked for four-hours to find the two missing men.

According to the official police report both men were found with bullet wounds in their chest, although the time of death is not yet known. The local coroners office will have to wait until tomorrow to examine the bodies which could not be moved under the cover of darkness.

The men were found wrapped inside cloth sacks and were hidden under a large boulder approximately 2.5 miles from the south end of the Salang Pass.

The men began their hike from the Salang Pass on August 19 and according to officials the area is not controlled by Taliban members, in fact the only people known to inhabit the area are a group of nomadic shepherds who live in tents and generally cause little trouble.

More information will follow the official autopsy.