Will Arnett Still Not Secured For ‘The Lego Movie 2’

One of the biggest surprises of the year came in the form of The Lego Movie, the new animated comedy from film prodigies Phil Lord and Chris Miller. Before the film’s release, skeptics were quick to dismiss it as a cheap money-grab. Sure, as a toy-seller, it still is (Heck, even Merlin Entertainments — the company behind Legoland — has made huge profits from the film). But what many did not predict was The Lego Movie’s actual quality as a movie. From its irreverent humor and unexpected heart, The Lego Movie was an all-around win.

Now with the sequel making its way slowly forward, many stars are still in the dark, unsure of their characters’ status in its story. In a recent Inquisitr article, Chris Pratt expressed his willingness to return to the big screen as Emmet. He is not alone, for Will Arnett is another face that would love to return to The Lego Movie world.

Arnett, if you recall, was the voice of Batman, who was one of The Lego Movie’s many highlights. Removing all the real serious angst the character is mostly known for, Arnett played him more as a spoiled college frat boy than tortured soul. In a recent interview with Today, Arnett even shared his experience with his kids’ love of the film, as well as his desire to return to The Lego Movie in its second installment:

“My kids are super into it too, nonstop. In fact, a couple of mornings ago, my son got into my bed at 6 a.m., turned on my iPad, and started watching ‘The Lego Movie.’ So I woke up to ‘Everything is awesome!’ and was like, ‘Oh my God!’… [As far as if I’m involved in the sequel], I still don’t know, I’m kind of in the dark. I hope so!”

But don’t let the lack of information on The Lego Movie sequel get you down. It is, after all, an animated production with a release date nearly three years in the future, and there is still a whole lot to be done to ensure the script is where it needs to be.

Sadly, directors of the previous movie, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, will be taking a backseat this time around as producers. Instead, Chris McKay, editor of The Lego Movie, and director of various Robot Chicken episodes, will be taking the reins. Though with McKay’s background in animate comedy, it’s likely that we will be in good hands for the next installment.

Will you be looking forward to Batman in the Lego Movie sequel? Are you worried that its previous directors will not be responsible for it? Sound off below!