Jesus Daily Facebook Page Driving Huge Traffic, Surpasses Justin Bieber

Facebook pages have a bit of divine intervention on their side which is helping drive huge traffic to the site. The Facebook page Jesus Daily is now generating more comments and “Likes” than the official Justin Bieber page.

The page posts the “words of Jesus” four to five times a day and last week the page racked up 3.4 million interactions compared to Bieber who managed just 630,000 Likes and Comments.

The Jesus Daily page was created by North Carolina doctor Aaron Tabor who started the page two years ago. The doctor’s purpose was simple, he simple says, “I wanted to provide people with encouragement.”

The Jesus Page isn’t alone on Facebook, the Joyce Meyer Ministries is in the top-20 trafficked pages on Facebook while another Jesus page and the Dio Es Bueno (God is Great) are also in the top-20 visited Facebook pages.

It’s not just Christian based pages that are reaping the benefits, a rabbi told the New York Times that Facebook is helping build larger congregations, while interacting with an increasing online worshiper base.

While some believers think Facebook is enough for their religious needs, one reverend doesn’t buy into the hype, noting:

“They can never replace the importance of people being together physically in the service of worship.”

Do you think Facebook based worship is a valid way for religious believers to gather?