TorrentSpy Goes On The Defense

TorrentSpy is lashing out against a $110 million fine sent its way this week.

The now-defunct site is accused of copyright infringement by the Motion Picture Association of America. The MPAA claims it facilitated the pirating of protected materials such as movies.

Now TorrentSpy’s attorney, Ira Rothken, is firing back for the first time since the fine was announced. Rothken tells CNET News the decision is an “abuse of discretion” and little more than a “Hollywood public-relations stunt.” Rothken goes on to say that TorrentSpy is currently bankrupt and couldn’t pay the fine anyhow.

“It’s obvious we are going to appeal,” he stated.

TorrentSpy has insisted all along that because it didn’t actually host files, it shouldn’t be held responsible.

Is it just me, or does this whole thing bring back bad memories of the never-ending Napster battle with the music industry nearly a decade ago? Maybe Lars Ulrich is out there reading this and has something insightful to say.