This Bear Spotted A Bird In Her Pool, What She Did Next Will Amaze You

Bears have traditionally been believed to be vicious creatures with claws that can tear you apart with just a simple swipe. However, the animal kingdom is always full of surprises. This female bear in a Budapest zoo proved everyone wrong when she gradually moved towards a bird that dropped itself in her pool and was literally a sitting duck for her.

A rather dumb crow might have thought that it was a good idea to fly down to a pool of water. However, crows can’t swim; neither can they float like ducks. Hence the crow found itself struggling to stay afloat in the freezing pool, reported the Daily Mail. But what it didn’t know was that its fate was going to be thoroughly tested since the pool in which it landed was in an enclosure meant for a female bear.

The video begins with the female bear calmly treading alongside her pool. She then sees that a crow has somehow managed to fall into her pool and is unable to fly out. In the wild, bears are known to quietly sneak up on such avian prey and gobble them up. Owing to their soft paws, bears can easily tread softly, without the prey ever knowing that a bear is about to pounce on them.

But surprisingly, nothing of that sort happened. The female bear, named Vali, calmly trudges near the disturbance in the water to investigate. The crow on the other hand appears to be quite apprehensive about advancement of such a large creature. The crow is seen struggling. However, crows do not have wings that can strongly repel water; neither do they have webbed feet to paddle under water.

As Vali nears the crow, it further struggles and ends up, literally in a corner. Considering that the trapped bird has nowhere to go, any other carnivorous animal would have made a quick meal of the helpless bird, and Vali being a grizzly bear, appears to be no exception.

Vali Yanked The Crow Ott With Her Mouth And Let It Go

The bear then proceeds to drop her paw into the water and casually yanks the struggling bird out of the water by her mouth, reported The Concourse. Here you would expect the bear to simply kill such an easy prey and devour it like an entrée, but the bear defies nature’s instinct and was actually helping the bird.

The Scared But Relieved Crow Must Be Thinking, 'How Am I Still Alive?'

The bear simply pulls out the bird and then goes right back to munching her apples and carrots. The bird is seen panting and perhaps thinking ‘How is it I am still alive?’ This begs the question, was it a lucky bird or the kindest bear that we witnessed.

[Image Credit | YouTube, Daily Mail]