The Simpsons: Season 26 To Be The Cartoon’s Last?

The Simpsons will be back this September, and long-time fans are uber excited to see Homer Simpson and the whole neighborhood back on Fox. However, some fans aren’t as thrilled to watch the new season, which is rumored to be the show’s last. According to a few rumors going around social media, Season 26 of The Simpsons will be the final one for the quadricentennial sitcom.

The rumors began when hints of character deaths started to circulate the internet. One recent report by The Hollywood Reporter revealed that there have been talks of killing off Krusty the Clown in the upcoming season of The Simpsons. The speculated death was drawn from the title of the season premiere, “Clown in the Dumps”, which was presumed to refer to Krusty. However, no clear confirmation has been released by the show’s writers or The Simpsons executive producer Al Jean.

Then, this happened. A promotional video uploaded on YouTube last week featured a scene where Homer appears to be having a difficult time breathing in his sleep. In the half-minute clip, Homer is being shown gasping for breath as Marge struggles to calm him down with an oxygen device (correction: CPAP device).

Watch the scene for yourself:

According to a recent Inquisitr report, the video was shown at Comic-Con last week, intriguing Simpsons fans who attended the event. Naturally, the initial reaction was negative. Entertainment Weeky wrote quite harshly that the death of Homer would be “dumber than… well, Homer in pretty much any situation”.

Even the rumored death of Krusty garnered criticism from media outlets, including the Guardian, who described Krusty as an integral member of the cast.

“Krusty is too important to die. Take Barney instead. Take Disco Stu. Take Milhouse if you really must, but not Krusty. Not our dear, sweet, tax-evading, chain-smoking, sometimes-diabetic, lithium-addicted Krusty.”

These rumors do not necessarily point to The Simpsons drawing the final curtain, but if the character deaths do happen, the show might as well say adieu to their loyal viewers. The rumored deaths are proving quite unpopular among long-time fans who grew to love and adore each and every character on the show, no matter how small and minor the writers see them.

To be fair, The Simpsons was able to actually kill off a significant number of characters over the past years while still maintaining a huge, loyal viewership. Remember Bleeding Gums Murphy? The smooth and lovable sax-playing guy and Lisa’s mentor. Yep, he died in Season 6. But fans were able to get over it and enjoy the succeeding seasons.

Although this probably won’t be The Simpsons’ last season ever, death rumors have actually started people buzzing about the show, effectively exciting all fans to see the premiere on September 28.

[Image from YouTube]