Is Justin Bieber Hinting His Calvin Klein Photo Shoot On Instagram? Because… Yay!

Justin Bieber stirs up Calvin Klein underwear model campaign rumors with a shirtless and very probably naked, (at the end) Instagram photo shoot, in which he happens to be wearing Calvins.

Justin Bieber is a tease. This we know.

But is he also a teasing a first look – or giving us an idea – of what his rumored Calvin Klein photo shoot and campaign might look like, in the full-on Instagram shoot he posted Monday that included what appeared to be a naked image and lots of CK?

We previously reported this story as just a case of a bored Biebs hitting up Instagram with a bunch of hot shots, or possibly a music video tease.

But, on reflection, the singer may be giving the world a taste of the Calvin Klein photo shoot goodness to come.

Rumors flew in April when Justin was spotted at a studio with Kendall Jenner, suggesting the pair had been shooting for the hip underwear brand. Then in July, Mail Online confirmed a source as saying:

“Justin has shot for Calvin Klein, we hope the results will be released later this year.”

So, while no official – we repeat, absolutely no official – announcement of Bieber as the new face of anything has been made, a lot of people are getting very excited about his Instagram blitz.

Most of the photos reveal the 20-year-old in black Calvins, while he oh so casually lounges around eating cereal and playing a keyboard.

And yes, we know Justin always wears Calvins and this could be an old photo shoot.


But we gotta ask, who spends their “Mornings in Cali” (as the only shot with a caption read), looking like a straight-up model, with visible CK underwear peeks and a clearly professional photographic team in the wings ready to capture it?

Justin Bieber, we are wise to your ways.

And, look! Isn’t that the model Ashley Moore in the one non-cropped picture of her watching the shirtless one chomp down said cereal, and also featuring in the very probably naked shot at the end?

That’s right. The Biebs’ last Instagram photo appears to show the buff, toned, ripped (we’ll stop now) Canadian without underwear, and utterly fascinated by whatever he’s looking at.

The Calvin Klein plot thickens when we take a wander over to model Ashley Moore’s personal Instagram, where she is often seen in gorgeous shots wearing the label.

Here she is wearing the same Chambray shirt last week that she also wore in the cereal shot with Bieber.

Well spotted MTV!

And if we rewind further back, Justin reposted Ashley’s birthday pose in black CK to his own Instagram last month.

Bieber’s caption read: “Ash, I see u in ur #Calvin’s.”

That’s about the size of the “evidence” for the is-this-the-Justin-Bieber-Calvin-Klein-shoot-everyone-is-waiting-for idea. But it’s worthy of consideration, non?

So far, one million Instagram “Likes” totally refute Joan Rivers’ out-of-touch suggestion that no-one is interested in Justin Bieber as the new face of a Calvin Klein underwear campaign.

And counting.

[Images via Instagram.]