Al Pacino Honored By Venice Film Festival

Al Pacino was awarded with a special prize and presentation by the Venice film festival on Sunday for his directorial project “Wilde Salome.”

Pacino drew large crowds where he received the Jaeger Lecoultre Glory to the Filmmaker Award at a gala awards ceremony.

Wilde Salome is a documentary about the Irish writer and poet Oscar Wilde. The movie is also an exploration of the author.

When asked what type of move he had made Pacino said of his experiment in directing:

“I guess what I tried to do is … create a story,” while he added, “But I don’t know what it is. I like to say it’s a documentary because it’s not a film, but then it’s not a documentary either, so I’m confused too.”

Speaking about his love of making movies Pacino said of directing his own movie:

“As soon as I started making my own films, I actually became easier on directors”

“Because I was very difficult at first. I really didn’t know the medium, I didn’t know what the needs of a director were. Once I started, the magic of movies came into my life.”

When asked what his future held Pacino responded:

“I have movies that are still coming at me and I always say that I’m going to be selective. I always say that, but I never am.

“I’m saying again — ‘I’m going to do it only when I feel it’s the thing to do for me.’ I hope I follow that philosophy. That’s my future. It’s blank.”

Being able to have a Hollywood career at 71-years-old is impressive in and of itself, being able to still be selective about the roles you can take is even more impressive.

Are you a fan of Pacino’s work? I personally get excited seeing what he’ll choose to do next.