Apple Wins German Injunction Against Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, Tablet Pulled From IFA

Apple has scored a win in their ongoing battle against Samsung. The Galaxy Tab 7.7 manufacturer lost an injunction battle in Germany this week, a decision that has halted the company's tablet sales in the region.

FOSS Patents has reported that Samsung has pulled the Android Tablet from the IFA show floor in Germany and has also removed the device from the Samsung Germany website in compliance with the Friday decision which was handed down from the same Düsseldorf Regional Court court that also stopped sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in August of this year.

Previously Samsung had placed a sticker on Galaxy Tab 7.7 displays which read "Not for sale in Germany" however by Saturday afternoon all demo models, posters and other promotional displays had been removed completely from the show.

Speaking to Bloomberg Samsung spokesman James Chung said the injunction "severely limits consumer choice in Germany," while adding that the Korean manufacturer "respects the court's decision."

Samsung officials have promised to continue their fight against Apple, stating that they will defend their own intellectual property rights. In the meantime Apple continues to fight Samsung in courts around the world, claiming that the company has ripped off major aspects of their own Apple iPad and Apple iPad 2 design features and functionality.

We've seen how well Microsoft crowding out the market worked in the past, I have a feeling Apple's relentless attack on other technology firms is going to come back and bite them in the butt in the future.

Do you think the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 should be forced to pull out of Germany?