Type 2 Diabetes Being Helped With Yoga Classes [Study]

People with type 2 diabetes could benefit from simple yoga classes says a new study. Research has shown that yoga, even in small doses can help slightly lower body weight while controlling blood sugar levels.

Studying 123 middle-aged and older adults the research found that a handful of pounds can be lost over a three month period and that participants witness better blood sugar levels than non-participating individuals.

The article published in the Journal Diabetes Care also suggested that type 2 diabetes sufferers should not consider replacing other forms of exercise with yoga, but instead add a light yoga routine into the mix so they can control blood sugar levels while shedding extra pounds.

The study found that among 60 yoga participants their BMI fell from 25.9 to 25.4 (25 to 30 is considered overweight).

Dr. Shreelaxmi V. Hegde of the Srinivas Institute of Medical Science and Research Center told Reuters:

"In our study the effect of yoga on BMI (body mass index) and blood sugar control was marginal."
Hegde went on to add:
"But, it should be noted that yoga controlled the blood sugar levels which otherwise rose in the control group."
The study also revealed that oxidative stress declined in the yoga group, while not a lot of information has been proven about Oxidative effects, it is believed to contribute to various chronic diseases.

When all is said and done researchers warn diabetes sufferers that certain forms of Yoga should be avoided in older patients, specifically where complicated poses could actually put additional stress on the body. The study used a simple form of Yoga to help with type 2 diabetes and researchers suggest that type of simple routine for older or previously injured patients.

Have you noticed the positive effects of Yoga on your type 2 diabetes? Feel free to share your success stories with us.