Cat With 9 Lives Survives Auto Accident, Stoning and Being Shot At, Recovering In Intensive Care

A cat in Fort Meyers, Florida, is recovering in a veterinarian intensive care unit after surviving a horrible ordeal last week. The cat is a survivor of three horrific events, some of which at the hands of children. The cat, which has been named Laurel by Animal Refuge Center in North Fort Myers who rescued the feline, was hit by a car and then a group of kids shot the cat with BB guns and began stoning her.

Laurel the cat was found by a man who noticed a group of kids throwing rocks at something. According to WTSP News, Wayne Leinen, acting executive director of the center treating Laurel said:

"He [the man] yelled at the kids and they scattered. He went over and found a very badly hurt cat."

Once the rescue group received Laurel they took X-rays which showed the cat had metal scraps imbedded in one of her front legs from a possible BB gun, Leinen said. Additionally she had injuries that were likely sustained by a car hitting her. She was also stoned by the kids. The medical group treating the cat said that euthanizing her may be the best solution, but recognized the strong fighting nature in the cat so decided to proceed with treatment. Leinen said:

"We understood the extent of her injuries were fairly severe and euthanasia could be the best thing for her.But she walked in meowing, kneading, and purring from even before the pain meds. Despite all of that, she was finding a way to somehow nourish herself to try to stay alive. It's our duty as veterinarians to end that suffering, not to perpetuate it, but we felt that she could handle the treatment and she wanted to fight and that's why we are giving her a fighting chance."

Unfortunately, the treatments needed for Laurel the cat are quite costly. The estimated expense is expected to reach $10,000. The veterinarian treating the cat said Laurel required a hind leg to be amputated along with a number of other surgeries.

The Animal Rescue Center relies on donations for the"special medical fund" to pay for these expenses. The ARC center is allowing donations to be made directly to Laurel the cat's expense account. The organization notes that anyone wanting to make a donation directly to Laurel should go to the special medical fund donation site and type "for Laurel" in the notes of the donation page.

Similarly, The Inquisitr reported that an island in New York has been over taken by cats after irresponsible humans began dumping unwanted cats in the area. Like the ARC, groups are attempting to vaccinate, sterilize, and treat sick cats on the island.

What do you think should be done to the kids responsible for stoning and shooting Laurel the cat?

[Image Credit: WTSP]