FDA Warning: Osteoporosis Drug Reclast Raises Kidney Failure Risk

The FDA this week has put out a warning to users of the Novartis created osteoporosis drug Reclast (zoledronic acide), stating that the drug has been shown to cause an increase in the number of patients experiencing kidney failure.

The warning is only being directed at this time to patients who already suffer from kidney impairment and patients who are taking nephrotoxic medications or diuretics with Reclast.

The FDA also warns that patients who become severely dehydrated while taking Reclast stand a higher chance of suffering from kidney failure.

While the FDA says such failure is rare serious complications can still be witnessed when using the drug. The report cites two dozen cases of kidney impairment or failure, including five deaths which were reported in a safety review published way back in January 2009. Reclast has been available since April 2007.

Since that 2009 review 11 more Reclast-related deaths have been reported and nine cases of kidney injury were also included in those numbers, each which required life-long dialysis for patients.

Reclast is prescribed to help prevent osteoporosis among postmenopausal women, thus reducing the risk of hip and spinal fractures. The drug is administered with infusions every one to two years and can also be used to increase bone mass in men with osteoporosis.

If you have suffered any side effects from the administration of the osteoporosis drug Reclast you are urged to contact your doctor immediately.

In the meantime continue to follow FDA announcements to learn about any further warnings that may arise from the warning.