‘Big Brother 2014’ Spoilers: The Week 6 HOH Winners Are Revealed

The Big Brother 2014 houseguests are now preparing for week 6 in the house, and there are two new Head of Household winners. Amber was evicted Thursday night as expected, and then viewers were left hanging regarding the HOH when the episode ended. People are looking for Big Brother spoilers, and once the live feeds returned there were some great ones.

According to Big Brother Network, the live feeds revealed the BB16 spoilers that Donny Thompson and Nicole Franzel won the Head of Household competition. This is an interesting duo that could finally lead to some shake-ups in the house. Will they really be willing to rattle some cages?

Apparently it came down to a tie-breaker during the HOH competition, and Nicole and Donny pulled out the win. Donny had previously been saying he wanted to go after Caleb if he won, and he would probably get quite a bit of backing for that plan. However, now that he has the power, will he really do it?

As Buddy TV notes, the house finally has two non-Bomb Squad members in the HOH position. Derrick and Frankie had been talking about trying to backdoor Donny after he bailed on the Team America challenge, but most would expect they will be all about buddying up to him now that he will be making some nominations.

Donny and Nicole have been talking, and it does look as if they are coordinating a plan together. They have agreed that Hayden will be safe, and they say they will not target one another after the Battle of the Block competition. Both seem to be considering Caleb as a target, and it seems Christine and Zach may find themselves as nominees though nothing has been fully decided as of yet.

Donny has pointed out that Cody, Frankie and Derrick have yet to be nominated at all. There has been talk among some of these folks that Frankie is definitely a threat, but will either Nicole or Donny want to take that chance to target him? It is looking unlikely, but nothing is certain quite yet.

The week 6 Big Brother 2014 nominations should be revealed via the live feeds Friday afternoon, and the Battle of the Block typically comes later in the day. Will Nicole and Donny take charge and make something happen with this week 6 HOH opportunity? Targeting Caleb won’t necessarily be a daring move, but most would agree he probably needs to go. Stay tuned for further Big Brother 2014 spoilers throughout the weekend as a plan for the week 6 eviction formulates.

[Image via Shaw Media]