New Marijuana Sex Aid Spray For Women — Initial Testers Report Positive Results

A new product available at some medical marijuana dispensaries claims to enhance the female sexual experience by blending cannabis oil, the active ingredient in marijuana, with coconut oil to form a sexual lubricant that goes by the brand name Foria — which is short for “euphoria.”

And the new marijuana sex aide comes in a discrete bottle that looks like perfume. The product functions less as a traditional sexual lubricant and more like an aphrodisiac, applied in spray form about 30 minutes before engaging in sexual activity, Foria claims that it will make sex better for women, even producing multiple orgasms, according to the product’s maker.

The 40-year-old Los Angeles entrepreneur who invented the marijuana-based sex aide, Matthew Gerson, says that the product fills a niche not being met by the major pharmaceutical industry.

“There’s 26 FDA-approved drugs on the market for sexual dysfunction, but zero for women,” Gerson told the LA Weekly newspaper. “We’re not providing care for a large percentage of our population.”

Gerson told the Weekly that he created Foria in the kitchen of his own home, and his first test subjects were his sister and his mother. He then went on to develop the product in conjunction with a company called Clear Concentrates, which actually extracts the cannabis oil from marijuana plants.

The inventor took about six months to perfect the ideal blend of marijuana and coconut oils, in the process recruiting about 100 women to test the product.

And how does it test? (Note that the links contained below may be considered NSFW in content for their graphic discussion of the marijuana sex aide’s effects.)

Ashley Hoffman of the women’s lifestyle site Styleite tried Foria and in a July 30 report, said that after employing a dose of six squirts from the bottle — which retails for $88 — the marijuana sex aide produced “an all-over buzzy tingly feeling that spreads the pleasure much further than wherever you’re being directly stimulated.”

Her final word on Foria? “It was invigorating. Not mind-altering fireworks, but I felt it.”

On the blog The Bold Italic, tester Amber Schadewald was more enthusiastic, describing the sensation of engaging in sex while using the marijuana and coconut oil spritz as “luxuirious.”

Her conclusion was emphatic. “Yes, yes, oh yes,” she said.

Amelia McDonnell-Parry of the aptly-titled site The Frisky also reported largely positive results, namely “an increased, concentrated awareness of that part of your body,” and “increased awareness of all the sensations.”

“It feels lovely, really, but it’s not extreme,” she concluded. “Which I think is a good thing.”

Foria is now available only to California residents through state-licensed medical marijuana dispensaries. Once a prospective user is approved by a doctor, however, the marijuana sex aide can be ordered on line, but again, so far, by California residents only.