Justin Bieber Hints At Acoustic Album: Ready For The Biebs Unplugged?

Justin Bieber acoustic, unplugged and raw? The singer has hinted a new album may be all of these things.

Justin Bieber has hinted he may be releasing an acoustic album at some point.

Over the weekend (August 9), the 20-year-old superstar posted a photo of three guitars on Instagram, captioned:

“Acoustic album?”

The upload followed a glimpse of Justin in the studio on Friday (August 8) with producer and pal Maejor Ali.

The singer wrote: “Still in the lab (sic).”

Bieber also gave fans a thrill by playing the guitar.

First up was an Instagram video of himself strumming the chords to “Recovery,” which was a single on the Canadian’s 2013 Journals album.

The song sampled the signature motif to Brit singer Craig David’s 2000 hit “Fill Me In,” and is widely thought to be an ode to former girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Back to Saturday’s acoustic gems.

Justin treated fans to a clip of him briefly playing Kansas’ “Dust in the Wind.”

As yet, it’s unclear whether the “Confident” singer’s reveals hint at a solo acoustic album or the “cool acoustic project” that pal and collaborator Cody Simpson mentioned last month.

Back in July, in an interview at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards, the Australian teen idol told Hollywood Life:

“Justin and I have been in the studio for two weeks or so working on something pretty cool,” before adding, “It might be a little more than a song.”

Simpson, 17, went on:

“We’re not really sure what it’s going to be yet, but you’ll hear something this year,” but he did reveal it’s a, “real cool acoustic project.”

Since then, Cody and Justin have periodically tweeted “2guitars” as well as snaps of the two in various studio sessions.

Other social media messages expressing their excitement about the new music they’ve been working on since June followed.

On July 31, Cody tweeted Justin saying how “stoked” he was to get in the “studio all day and night to finish this project.”

Just hours later, the heartthrob revealed he was playing his family a “bunch of new music” he described as “incredible.”

Subsequent social media posts this month from both Bieber and Simpson have been similarly enthusiastic.

Buzz for the Justin-Cody project picked up more steam after Simpson announced on the Australian radio show The Bump that an old song of his “Boy Without A Home” has been reworked with Justin. He told the station it’s a track they “both relate to.”

That same day (August 5), mutual manager Scooter Braun took to Twitter to update fans with news that “Everyone is blown away” after hearing the pair’s new music at the New York City offices of their label. Braun has continued totalk up the duo’s project regularly.

Previously, the 32-year-old posted an Instagram snapshot of Justin and Cody in a July 27 studio session the trio went to straight after the Young Hollywood Awards.

In his lengthy caption, Braun wrote [in part]:

“A special project is coming and music that is going to shock people. Wow!!! Amazing lyrics, vocals, and songs!!”

“Very excited. Been a long time coming. Taking it back to how it started ) awesome. People haven’t heard them sing like this. Awesome!!! (sic).”

Justin Bieber And Cody Simpson

(Photo via Instagram.)

Into the mix of this acoustic creativity, Justin previewed 11 new song snippets on Instagram last month which may or may not make the cut of his 2015-slated new album. It seems one way or another, whether solo or joint, Justin Bieber will be bringing it acoustic.

Just like back in the day.

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