‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: Graham Bunn Reveals Gal He Most Wanted To See On Show

Graham Bunn is one of the many familiar faces from “Bachelor Nation” who will be starring on ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise this season. The new show premieres on Monday, Aug. 4 and fans are anxious to see if anybody manages to find love. While a lot of fans were surely hoping for the sparks to fly once again between Graham and Michelle Money, it seems he had someone else he was quite anxious to meet. What Bachelor in Paradise spoilers did he reveal in a recent chat with OK! Magazine?

Graham is known to fans as the guy who left DeAnna Pappas Stagliano crying on The Bachelorette and as the hottie who sizzled with Michelle Money on Bachelor Pad 2. He’s back again, and fans are wondering if this third time with the franchise will be the charm in terms of finding love. Bunn teases Bachelor in Paradise spoilers that it only took about 18 hours after filming got started for things to get crazy and fans can’t wait to watch it go down.

Bunn says there is a “major incident that starts the season off,” and viewers won’t have to wait long to see drama get started. In fact, he adds that 10 of those 18 hours were sleeping hours, so it was literally within the first few hours of everybody hanging together out that chaos ensued. It is clear that the premiere airing on Monday will get things off to a fast-paced start.

So, what else can Graham say about this initial dramatic incident? Bunn teases, “Unfortunately I was involved in it so I was very aware of it.” That would seemingly reference what came to light via Reality Steve’s spoilers for this season. It seems that Clare Crawley got the first date card and wanted to ask Graham out for her date, and AshLee Frazier reportedly flipped out. Frazier had essentially “claimed” Bunn, it seems, and Clare ended up backing down and asking Robert Graham on the date instead.

While some might think a pairing between Graham and AshLee would seem a bit of a mismatch, Bunn says he actually had been hoping she would be there. Graham says that at one point AshLee dated a friend of his and he had said nice things about her. Bunn says that he had never met AshLee before, but “I thought she was gorgeous and incredibly beautiful.” He adds that she has a “crazy cool smile.”

So, if AshLee was into Graham from the first moment, and he was into her from the first moment, are they this season’s big love match a la Holly Durst and Julian Blake from Bachelor Pad 2? Not quite, if Reality Steve’s Bachelor in Paradise spoilers are to be believed. However, it does sound as if AshLee and Graham gave it a solid try. Just how crazy will this season of Bachelor in Paradise be? It sounds like it will be quite wild, and viewers can’t wait to check it out beginning on Aug. 4.

[Image via ABC/Craig Sjodin/Reality Wanted]