Toddler Dies In Hot Car: California Incident Happened As Parents Napped In Home

A toddler died in a hot car incident in Southern California on Wednesday, adding another name to a devastatingly long list of similar deaths this year. At this time the incident is being investigated as an accident.

CNN shares that the 3-year-old boy is believed to have gotten out of his family’s Sylmar home and gotten into a new and unlocked Toyota Camry parked in front of the house. Then it seems he was unable to get out after soon the toddler died in the hot car incident.

The parents were home at the time. They have told authorities that the family, which included a 14-year-old as well, had all taken naps starting at about noon. According to KTLA5, the boy had been playing outside alone at some point then during the afternoon when he seemingly climbed into the car. The father woke up and noticed the boy was missing.

The father, who has not yet been named, soon found the toddler in the Toyota, and the boy was unresponsive. The child was rushed to the hospital in what is said to have been grave condition. Once there, the 3-year-old was pronounced dead.

Police indicate that they do not suspect any foul play, but the investigation continues. At this time it is unknown how long the boy was in the car. As NBC Washington notes, the boy’s father found him around 3 p.m. It was 88 degrees at noon in Sylmar on Wednesday, and it was 98 degrees by the time the boy was found. Of course because the windows were up on the Toyota, the temperature inside the car would have been much hotter.

At this point, police have statements from the parents and they will continue their investigation and wait for the coroner’s autopsy report. Sadly reports indicate that 19 children have now died in hot car incidents in the United States this year. This California case regarding the toddler who died in a hot car comes just days after an incident in Kansas where a baby was forgotten in her foster father’s car and she died. There are many other stories hitting the headlines this summer as well.

LAPD Lt. Paul Vernon said, “Our investigation will determine if this was an accident or something worse.” LAPD Sgt. S. Carlsen said that at this point, the incident where the toddler died in the hot car appears to be a “tragic accident.” It certainly serves as an important reminder for parents of young children that they need to be aware of where their kids are and what they are doing at all times.

[Image via KCRA]