Charles Barkley Arrested on DUI Suspicion

Charles Barkley was arrested on suspicion of starting up NYE festivities a little early– with a DUI, to be exact! Retired basketball star Barkley was pulled over in Arizona at a DUI checkpoint and had his blood tested on the scene; following his release, he took a taxi home.

Sources told TMZ that “Barkley had some interesting accessories in his car when he was popped at the DUI checkpoint — wine coolers and bear claw donuts. Seriously.”

In response to the arrest, Barkley released a statement to the public in which he claims to be “disappointed” with his actions. He said that “I am disappointed that I put myself in that situation. The Scottsdale police were fantastic. I will not comment any further as it is a legal matter.” grabbed a receipt from the Dirty Pretty Rock Bar where Barkley partied with Jaleel White (Urkel!) and Michael Strahan. Their night cost them $1,800– at least they left a perfect 20% tip. . .