Heidi Klum, Jimmy Fallon Show The World ‘How We Roll’ [Video]

Heidi Klum had a special segment on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon that rivals what he did with Halle Berry not long ago. While Halle Berry was a good sport and “rolled with it,” Klum took the stunt a little further.

It all started in typical talk show form, with both celebrities sitting as Fallon suggested showing the audience “how we roll,” and his guest agreed. They both stood up and made their way to the red mat on the stage, and she took off her shoes. Fallon instructed her on how to get it started, promising her he wouldn’t peek as she stood over his head.

Fallon made a point to tell us his eyes were closed and everything, but when he was in position at first, he sat back up and admitted he peeked.

Heidi Klum told the audience that all he saw was “a gigantic mic pack with an antenna you know where.”

Then the stunt began and they started the two-person cartwheel that Halle Berry had performed with the talk show host. After a few tumbles, they let go and Fallon started laughing.

This was when Klum walked him over to the beginning of the mat and suggested the “German roll.”

It took Fallon a few attempts to figure out what she was talking about, and then the audience went wild when Klum literally laid down on top of him and put her arms around him. Fallon did the same and they rolled down the mat chest to chest.

Jimmy Fallon’s stunts are usually always over the top and meant to get a reaction, but it looks like the German model outdid him and really gave the audience something to talk about. We might never know what Fallon really saw when he “peeked,” but we do know the two celebrities had fun with the stunt.

Can anyone top Heidi Klum’s appearance on The Tonight Show without crossing the line?

[image via YouTube]