Starz Says “See Ya Later Alligator” to Netflix, Kills Large Source Of Company’s New Movies

Netflix isn’t just losing tons of customers after hiking prices this month, premium movie streaming partner Starz has announced that they will end their partnership with the company when their contract comes to an end in February.

Netflix is downplaying the loss, claiming that Starz only plays a small part in their overall strategy, however it’s hard to deny the company’s reach and their movie rights control which includes Disney and Sony movies.

A quick search on Google shows thousands of comments in which customers already claim that the company’s streaming service, even with Starz movies is too shallow in terms of new titles.

Furthermore, the move signals that cable and broadcast networks are increasingly viewing the provider as a direct competitor, rather than a value added partner.

Netflix isn’t being left completely high and dry by American networks, they recently signed a contract extension with NBCUniversal, however those same shows can already be viewed on Hulu for free or with a $7.99 premium monthly fee that offers a far better selection of current shows and episodes from the past.

Netflix shares fell 9% on news that Starz will no longer provide the DVD and streaming service with content.

Will you be jumping ship now that the company’s arguably best source for streaming movies has jumped ship? Their price hike is looking less attractive every day.