Crop Circles Draw Crowds In England, Germany, And Russia

Jennifer Deutschmann

In recent weeks, elaborate crop circles have appeared in England, Germany, and Russia. Although their origin is a topic of debate, there is no denying the mysterious circles are fascinating. In the last two weeks, crop circles have appeared in Dorset, Southern Russia, and Berlin.

It is unclear when crop circles began to appear. However, some enthusiasts believe they have been occurring for centuries. As reported by Live Science, the first hint of a crop circle may be displayed on an ancient woodcut.


The woodcut, which dates back to 1678, depicts an oat field. In the scene, the oat stalks appear to be laid out in a circle pattern. Although many believe the pattern is a crop circle, others believe it depicts the legend of the "mowing devil."

The circular pattern on the wood cut is certainly similar to a crop circle. However, it is more likely that the crops have been cut into a circle -- as opposed to folded over.

The first crop circles actually appeared in England in the 1970s. As they seemingly appear out of nowhere, sometimes within hours, their true origin has become a topic of wild speculation.

Some of the more popular theories include aliens, hedgehogs, unusual wind patterns, and invisible energy fields. Although the conspiracy theories are certainly interesting, the true explanation is far more mundane. The only proven origin of crop circles is human beings.

On July 14, the first crop circles of 2014 appeared in Dorset, England. As reported by Daily Mail, the intricate pattern consists of numerous "geometric lines and circles." Although the entire shape spans 400 feet, it was created in just one evening.

Enthusiast Matthew Williams said Dorset's crop circles are a true work of art:

"Last summer we didn't get many circles, but this beauty certainly makes up for that. The first circle of the season really does mark the start of great British summer... you really do have to appreciate the amount of effort that went in to making a 400 ft pattern in a field of crops."

On July 17, a mysterious set of crop circles appeared in a Russian sunflower field. As the field was monitored with surveillance cameras, authorities expected to identify the culprit or culprits. However, the cameras did not record any unusual activity.

As reported by The Moscow Times, the lack of evidence sparked widespread speculation about their origin. Although several witnesses noted human footprints amid the circles, other believe the patterns were created by a supernatural source.

Most recently, a crop circle in Berlin, Germany, has gained the attention of thousands of tourists. Christoph Huttner, who owns the land, said he is unsure who created the circle in his field. However, he suspects it was the work of pranksters.

Berlin Crop Circles

Indeed, all crop circles are likely the work of pranksters or crop circle enthusiasts. While the origin is fun to discuss, the circles are without a doubt brilliant works of art.

[Image via Wall Paper Here]