June 16, 2013
Russia Gives OK For Underwater Tunnel Connecting Country To Alaska

We've all heard the "bridge to Hawaii" jokes that leave some people believing they can actually drive to the island state, well now a connection is being made, but it's from Alaska to Russia. Russian officials this week approved plans to build an underwater tunnel that would cross the Bering Straight.

For anyone getting excited that they will be able to drive their way to Russian, the tunnel is being built for underground train use only, extending the entire 65 miles and making it the longest underwater tunnel in the world.

The tunnel will also be the most expensive at a cost of nearly $1 billion per mile.

At this time it's still not clear where money for the project would come from, however the tunnel is expected to bring in $11 billion yearly according to some experts, enough money that investors looking to cash in may come forward in the near future.

While the tunnel will not allow automobile driven passengers it is expected to carry nearly 100 million tons of freight between Russia and Alaska on a yearly basis and Russian officials hope it will allow them to gain access to Arctic mineral and fossil fuels they have claimed.

The tunnel won't be ready anytime in the near future with an expected 15 year build time, however once completed Russian may also end up delivering electricity to Alaska and parts of Canada.

Great just what we need, more of our energy coming from other parts of the world through a huge connected power line.

Do you think connecting Alaska to Russia via tunnel is a smart move?