Alexa Flutie, Daughter of Former NFL QB, Joins Patriots’ Cheerleading Squad

With the 2011-2012 NFL season all set to kick off, the New England Patriots have just made a move that has media outlets buzzing.

No, they haven’t made a last minute signing that would replace stud-QB Tom Brady or any of the rest of the crew – this recent acquisition is restricted to sideline activities while the game is in session.

Making her debut on the Patriots’ cheerleading team is Alexa Flutie, the 23-year-old daughter of Heisman Trophy winner and former Patriot Doug Flutie.

Although Alexa admitted that she tried to keep her relation to her dad low-key [during tryouts] “because when I do audition, I want it to be about me and my goals and my career,” the combination of social media and the web has made that effort nearly impossible.

When asked about the attention she is getting over her new job, Alexa remarked:

“I have to say, it was kind of crazy. I didn’t expect it to blow up. I thought it would be more of a local thing, but it was just kind of funny. I had friends in California calling me like, ‘I saw you on the Internet, congrats on being a Patriots cheerleader. Why couldn’t you call me and tell me?’”

Of course, being an NFL cheerleader has also raised concerns from her father. NFL games aren’t known as the most family-friendly atmospheres; who would like the idea of alcohol-fueled, testosterone-charged NFL fans drooling over their little girl?

In the end, Doug wasn’t going to stop Alexa from pursuing her dream.

“I mean, yes, that has gone through my dad’s head and he does understand that, but he knows that it is a professional atmosphere and people will be people,” Alexa said. “… He knows that I’m doing this because I want to perform and that I love it.”

So Doug — who will be serving as a college football studio analyst for Versus this season after years in the same role at ABC/ESPN — will be cheering on his daughter and old team with his wife, Laurie, in the seats allotted to Alexa for the season.

For more information on Alexa Flutie, check out her official bio on the Patriots’ website.

via Yahoo Sports