'Duck Dynasty': Where Can You Purchase The Duck Commander Hot Sauce?

Duck Dynasty can be quite a touchy topic for some, but no one can deny the fact that the Dynasty guys are an inspiring business-minded crowd. Aside from earning serious bucks from the popular reality show, the family has seen their fortune grow from various Dynasty-related merchandise that can be bought online and in various stores across the country. Say what you will about the Robertson family's political convictions; those guys know how to make money!

The Inquisitr recently revealed that the Duck Dynasty brand name will have another addition in their ever-expanding merchandise. A Louisiana-style spicy condiment is set to become the family's next great attraction. Willie Robinson may have taken inspiration from the famous hot sauce produced by their home state. Apparently, the Louisiana hot sauce is so popular that it has become a generic term, with Willie even using it when describing his food:

"Louisiana Hot Sauce is my favorite. I can't eat red beans and rice without it, and I always put it on my eggs."
The important question remains. Where can we purchase some of these Duck Dynasty hot condiments? WWLTV has reported that Dynasty's Willie Robinson is actively on the process of making the hot sauce, which means the condiments are expected to be on the shelves in just a few months.

You can delight yourself on similar products while waiting for Willie to cook up his much-awaited hot sauce. A few Dynasty kitchen items can be found at the official online store, including a Duck Commander seasoning (available in spicy and mild), Phil Robertson's Cajun style seasoning rub and Cajun style cooking marinade. These items are all at very reasonable prices. For slightly less than five bucks, you get to have one of these cool items right on your plate, and it would be like eating with the Duck Dynasty guys themselves! These items are also available on Amazon, albeit at a heftier price.


If you haven't noticed yet, the Robertson household sells a LOT of stuff under the Duck Dynasty brand name. The guys sell flashy footwear, books (they have a kids' book entitled D is for Duck's Call), and even baby clothes! But no one can miss the item that has made them truly famous - the Robertson family's duck calls!

The family's merchandise is estimated to be worth around $400 million dollars, with the show alone earning as much as $80 million bucks. There is perhaps no better example of business acumen on TV right now than the Robertson house - the Duck Dynasty.

[Image from USO/Flickr]