OJ Simpson Is Tired Of Being Called Fat, Begins Epic Diet In Prison

Addam Corré

OJ Simpson has deteriorated physically during his years behind bars. Now aged 66, the ex-football legend has reportedly decided he is taking himself in hand and losing some serious weight.

The Daily Mail reported today that a close family friend confirmed that OJ is desperately trying to lose weight and get fit as he's tired of reading reports that he is old and fat since appearing at a bail hearing last summer.

The family friend explained to reporters: "OJ has been upset. Everybody keeps talking about how he's gained so much weight and that he looks awful!" And OJ's concerns are not unfounded as reports have been particularly wicked concerning his weight gain.

Some reports said that at the hearing he looked bloated, overweight and struggling to walk with his bad knees -- and weighed in at a cool 300 pounds!

Apparently, his time in jail hasn't helped OJ Simpson to work much on his ego, which was also somewhat inflated: "OJ was really p****d off because he's used to being called the hunk, handsome or a lady's man so he decided to start getting more exercise and eating less carbs and junk food."

The friend also revealed some interesting information about how OJ got the nickname, the "cookie monster" in jail:

"At one time OJ was dubbed the 'cookie monster' at Locklock because he would grab as many cookies as he could in the chow hall and he would also try to sneak cookies back to his cell. One time he got caught by the guards and they embarrassed him in front of the other inmates. He also loves ice cream sandwiches and would eat three or four at a time," the friend said.

And now, according to the friend, OJ Simpson is on a strict diet as he tries to change the way he is perceived in the media: "OJ is being careful not to eat the pasta but he will eat the burgers without the bread. He can also buy canned vegetables or canned tuna from the commissary and he's doing more of that instead of chips and cookies."

Simpson himself even spoke to reporters about his weight gain over the years, admitting: "I gained weight eating all those canned beans from the commissary but just because I can't get enough fruits and vegetables. My family's been bugging me to stop with the beans."

On top of numerous health problems which have affected OJ Simpson during his time in prison, eating badly and being overweight won't be helping matters as he approaches 70. A strict diet and some regular excercise is just what Simpson needs if he intends to enjoy life when he gets to see the outside world again.