‘Pawn Stars’ $2 Million Plaza: Rick Harrison Sets Sights On Creating Pawn Star Plaza

There is a Pawn Stars $2 million plaza project in the works, and fans of the reality TV show cannot wait to see this fall into place. Apparently Rick Harrison, who owns the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop featured on Pawn Stars, is engineering the project.

According to the Las Vegas Sun, the $2 million Pawn Stars plaza would include around 16 shops and six restaurants. It would be located right by the pawn shop, and area that is definitely in need of some positive development. Harrison says his goal is to help rejuvenate the area without having to use city resources.

He notes, “I really want to see this part of town do great.”

While that is quite noble, he admits that there are dollars involved in wanting this to work too. He admits, “Making money is my third or fourth most favorite thing in the world.”

Given the success of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop and the show, it makes quite a bit of sense that Harrison would pull together a plan to add more businesses around his shop that would build his empire, so to speak, and increase his wealth. Theo Spyer, the shop’s general manager, says that they have put in a lot of effort over the years to improve the experience for their waiting customers, who are often outside in line for quite some time.

The shop has already made a hot dog stand and benches available, but the Pawn Stars $2 million plaza clearly takes things up a notch. The plaza would put together colorful modular units that are inspired by the nearby Container Park. A proposal has been submitted to the city planning department, and the group should have a response in September. It sounds as if it is a type of design that would not be too terribly time-consuming to put together, and those at the shop are even planning a line system that would enable those waiting to get into the pawn shop to hit the Pawn Star Plaza at the same time.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal notes that Rick Harrison already owns four parcels of land in the area, including where the pawn shop is, a closed tattoo parlor and the parking lot next to the shop. He has his eye on some additional land, and it seems he would open up more retail shops on that land if he acquires it as well. The Pawn Stars$2 million plaza would have a look reminiscent of a Rubik’s Cube, which would be quite a different style for the somewhat dicey area of Las Vegas. From the sounds of things, this could be a winning idea all-around, and some smell an opportunity for a spin-off reality show perhaps.

[Photo via History Channel]