Introducing the world’s most efficient vacuum cleaner – suck on this Dyson.

It might look a little funky but I guess not so much if you compare it to a Dyson machine and besides who of your neighbors could brag about having the world’s most efficient vacuum cleaner that uses 43% less energy than any of its competitors; or rather would be competitors.

Called the Stem, this vacuum cleaner prototype is from Cambridge Consultants and as well as using less energy it offers a 27% environmental impact reduction when compared to other vacuum cleaners.

So how did Cambridge cut down on energy and material use? First, the company surveyed the current vacuum market and thought about ways to improve upon often-used technology. The Stem automatically changes power usage depending on what it is doing. When the vacuum is sitting idle for a moment, power usage also declines.

The vacuum cleaner offers the same size, weight, and performance as standard models–but Cambridge rejiggered the layout of internal parts to increase efficiency and airflow.

via Fast Company

I never realized that vacuuming was such an important area of energy efficiency but hey if you are gong to go down that hallway you might as well have something that looks cool.