Kim Kardashian Reportedly Stands Up For Brother Rob Following Adrienne Bailon Blast

Kim Kardashian decided to do the right thing on Wednesday and stand by her brother, Rob Kardashian, who faced criticism recently from his ex-girlfriend of two years, Adrienne Bailon.

Us Weekly reported yesterday that Bailon spilled the beans and entered into a mini-rant about her ex-boyfriend Rob.

“It’s common knowledge that he cheated on me. It always bothered me that people were like, ‘Pero, why couldn’t you forgive him?’ Why are women always the ones who have to forgive? If you cheated on a man, he would be like, ‘You’re disgusting, and I want nothing to do with you.’ But women, we’re supposed to be like, ‘He messed up. He made a mistake.'”

She also spoke to the celebrity publication, in a separate report, about the way she alleges Rob plotted against her, in order to cheat behind her back.

“In my situation, it wasn’t like, ‘Oh my God! I made a mistake!’ He strategically planned things out so that he could cheat on me, and that to me was so disloyal,” she said.

Bailon also went on to allege that appearing on the reality TV show, Keeping up with the Kardashians, actually harmed her career. But when Kim Kardashian got wind of it she lambasted Bailon via Twitter:

“Funny how she says being with a Kardashian hurt her career yet the only reason she has this article is bc she is talking about a Kardashian, #LetItGoooooLetItGoooooo, So sad when people try to kick my brother when he is down #FamilyForever.”

Adrienne Bailon, 30, dated Rob Kardashian for about two years, from 2007 through 2009 and the couple shared some good times together in the beginning.

But Bailon told Latina magazine that she cannot fathom why the public is so obsessed with her previous relationship with Rob Kardashian.

“[I didn’t think] anyone would even care. But they did, and do. To this day, people will still say, ‘You ruined Rob’s life!’ and I’ll think, ‘Damn, I was still playing with Barbie dolls when I met him,'” she said.