Britney Spears Lingerie Collection: Were The ‘Intimate’ Photos Retouched?

Britney Spears is preparing to unleash “The Intimate Collection” upon the masses in the near future. However, some people believe the singer only looks good in her lingerie because she received some help from a little program called Photoshop.

While eyes were bulging from sockets after Spears dropped the sultry images online, haters were scratching their devious chins and plotting theories about her body. Britney’s struggle with her weight is well-documented, leading a handful of folks to wonder if Spears’ physical flaws were magically erased before she shared the pics with fans.

According to Radar Online, there’s a strong possibility that a little photoshopping took place before the images were officially revealed to the world. However, LookBetterOnline CEO Giles Fabris believes this is really nothing new. In fact, every advertisement undergoes a digital transformation prior to mass consumption.

Fabris told the website:

“While Britney Spears is obviously naturally a beautiful woman, when it comes to modeling, most modeling shots are retouched. And it creates an image that often is realistically impossible for most women to attain. Any minute skin imperfection is covered up. They’ll take it to the degree of flawless, every minute wrinkle and line will be erased.”

Giles adds that Britney Spears had some digital retouches to her nose, lips, and eyes. However, these transformations are essentially considered “fair game” in the industry. In other words, it’s much ado about nothing. Leave Britney alone, indeed.

The SpreadIt reports that “The Intimate Collection” should arrive on retail shelves at some point this September. Instead of putting together lingerie that women — and some adventurous men — can only wear on special occasions, Britney Spears has assembled garments that folks can rock on a regular basis.

The website explains:

“The Intimate Britney Spears will include everyday undergarments, such as panties and bras, along with more special pieces like vintage bustiers and slips. The silky and lacey items will be priced between $17 and $79…. Spears said in a statement that her goal is to create underwear, that will make the woman wearing it feel sexy and empowered, especially during an intimate moment with her lover.”

Instead of worrying about the digital alterations made to Britney Spears’ body in the promotional images for the singer’s upcoming lingerie collection, why not get excited about the garments? Photoshopping happens, and regardless of how much fuss you kick up, chances are it’s not going to change anytime soon.

[Lead image via Bing]