‘Dark Souls II’ Now Has 100 Percent More Rocky Balboa

Dark Souls II has actually found a way to be an even better game than it already is. No, I’m not talking about the new Dark Souls II DLC, Crown of the Sunken King.

I’m talking about a brand new character that has surfaced in the game’s PVP mode. While Dark Souls II is supposed to be an otherworldly type game that takes place in a fantastical landscape, the new character gives the title a decidedly Philadelphia feel.

YouTuber Chainsaw Ape recently posted a video of his brand new character, who looks and acts exactly like the famous Rocky Balboa.

This Dark Souls II character is very true to form of the original, sporting fists as his only weapon and going shirtless with athletic shorts as his only “armor.”

The face is really the best part of this guy though, as its creator has clearly put a lot of time and effort into modeling the Dark Souls II character after the famous fighter.

As “Rocky” goes about his business in the Dark Souls II video, the game play is even the same kind of underdog take as he first takes a beating from his demonic opponent before rallying and “banishing the invader.”

As Kotaku points out, the Dark Souls II PvP mode can be a bit intense anyway. The point of the mode is for different players to basically enter another’s world and take them down for bragging rights.

Along the way, you can also steal some goods and hurt the player bad enough that it will be harder to play with those models moving forward.

All of that would seem to indicate that it is important to make sure your Dark Souls II character is thoroughly outfitted with as many weapons and as much armor as humanly possible.

That usual need for weapons and armor is why going with Rocky Balboa, and a Rocky Balboa who kicks quite a bit of butt, is just so awesome.

It seems likely that after enough people see this video, even more famous faces are going to start popping up in the PvP mode. This particular video is so great because of the way its synced up to the actual movie.

The clips get bonus points thanks to a cameo from Burgess Meredith. Until Rocky can be beat, other players will have to run in sheer terror whenever they run across this character in Dark Souls II.