The Real Mystery Of The Wandering Woman In Black Might Just Have Been Solved

Like something out of Stephen King novel or Johnny Cash song, the wandering woman in black has stalked both our highways and imagination, and for days the question on everybody’s lips is, who is she and what the hell does this weird wandering woman want?

Well hold tight friends because there might just be an answer.

When it comes to the black-clad wandering woman the mind wanders as to her true purpose and intent.

Since this wandering wonder with her flowing black dress, and walking stick started stalking the highways of the numerous U.S. states from July 18 onwards, people have been intrigued by the social media phenomenon who has become known as the wandering lady.

Some called her an angel of mercy on an unearthly mission and others described her as an attention seeker. Some suggested the wandering lady was on a religious mission of sorts but others dismissed her as a mentally ill person in immediate need of a timely intervention.

Some raised the idea that perhaps she was an extra from The Walking Dead who had accidentally wandered off set. Whilst others pondered that the wandering lady might have just been participating in a fancy-dress sponsored walk.

Many, throughout the busy roads in Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and Virginia, had approached the wandering lady in black and offered her a lift, but she politely declined.

Writing on Facebook, Judy Shugars said, “I asked the wandering lady if she needed or wanted a ride, she said no. I asked her if she wanted something to drink, she said no. I asked her what was her mission, she said just walking. She was smoking and really didn’t want to talk.”

For sure, the wandering lady in black had us all scratching our heads, until a man called Raymond Poles came forward and told Reuters that she was his sister.

Raymond identified the wandering lady as Elizabeth Poles, a 56-year-old US Army veteran, mother of two and widow from Motts, Alabama.

He told Reuters Ms. Poles had been receiving treatment at a Veterans Affairs hospital to help her deal with the deaths of her husband in 2008 and father in 2009.

Mr. Poles explained that his sister was doing great, going to church and attending her regular appointments at the nearby VA hospital until she shaved her head, started to curse, and disappeared for months at a time.

Mr. Poles said “I wish she would come back and let us help her.”

But what if the wandering woman wasn’t Elizabeth Poles, what if she was one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse minus their ride?

Sounds crazy and slightly cruel doesn’t it? But think about it. Look around. The world is going to hell in a hand-cart at an alarming rate and if we are living in the end days, then aren’t we due a few sighting of at least one of the horsemen?

We’ve got pestilence, war, famine, and death stalking all four corners of the globe, so perhaps the wandering woman is just searching for a suitable ride until she really gets into her stride, breaks a sweat and gallops across America in a fury without equal.

It’s just a thought you know, and minds as well as women do tend to go a wandering from time to time.

If the wandering woman really is one of the four riders of the apocalypse, which one do you think she’s most likely to be?