Craigslist Tennis Shoe Robber Shot In Fort Worth, Texas

A craigslist robber was shot and wounded by police officers in Fort Worth, Texas, on Tuesday, after police identified him as the man responsible for several craigslist robberies in the area, the Star-Telegram is reporting.

As police approached the craigslist robbery suspect, he pulled out a gun but was quickly disarmed after police shot him. The shooting took place in the parking lot of an electronics retail store located in the 6300 block of South McCart Avenue in broad daylight. The craigslist tennis shoe robber was transported to a local hospital and treated for his injuries. Police have not released the name of the suspect.

The craigslist robber’s companion was also arrested at a nearby apartment complex, officials say. When police arrived at the apartment, they found a young woman who told police she knew nothing about the crimes, and that she was completely shocked that her boyfriend was involved in such a plot. The young woman, identified as 22-year-old Marissa Falter, was eventually arrested and taken into custody on an outstanding warrant, unrelated to the case. The woman’s sister told NBC-5 that Falter’s boyfriend was the cause of her arrest.

“It’s because of him. You know, if she wasn’t with him then none of this would have ever happened,” Miranda Tijerina told NBC-5.

Fort Worth police officers nabbed the dangerous craigslist robbery suspect after answering an ad that led them to him. According to police records, the suspect would place an ad on craigslist for name brand tennis shoes at a good price then arrange a place to meet. After luring the assumed buyers to the location, the suspect would rob them at gun point. The buyers were taken completely by surprise. One ad for Air Jordan tennis shoes was placed on a Facebook group for finding bargain items.

Craigslist is a popular online site used by many to find bargains on used items and cheap name brand items. In recent years, the craigslist site has been abused by many dangerous criminals who have lured their victims online with the intent to rob or kill them.

The most highly publicized case is the story of craigslist killer Philip Markoff, a man who made headlines in 2010. In May 2013, a potential buyer was shot and killed as he sat in his car by a man who lured him to the location after answering an ad to buy an iPad on craigslist, according to an earlier report by the Inquisitr.

When attempting to purchase an item or sell an item on craigslist — or any other site that requires you to meet the potential buyer or seller in person, it is important to consider the dangers of meeting strangers online. It is also important to put some safety measures in place. One good suggestion is to arrange to meet in a well-lit, highly-trafficked location.

Upon arriving at the location where the craigslist or Facebook sale will take place, be sure to park near the entrance of the public place, instead of at the end of the parking lot, where most sales take place. Never meet anyone alone. Arriving at the location with one or two people in plain site is ideal.