Illinois Officer Shoots Dog On Friday, Is Fired On Monday

A Hometown, Illinois police officer has been fired after he shot and killed a six-year-old’s beloved dog. Apollo, a 14-month old German shepherd-pit bull mix, was killed by the officer in the front yard as the little girl watched.

Inquisitr reported about the dog’s death earlier this week:

“The Hometown Police Department has also released an official statement via Facebook. Chief Charles Forsyth explained that he could not make any accusations without reviewing the series of events that led to the dog’s fatal shooting. However, he did promise a ‘full investigation’ would be conducted.”

The investigation was completed by the Illinois department and the police officer was fired on Monday. Nicole Echlin, Apollo’s caregiver, said that her daughter saw the dog being shot by the officer. Echlin said Apollo was a loving dog and a wonderful friend to her daughter Alexis. An ABC News affiliate spoke with the six-year-old. Alexis Gamino told the reporter, “He made me laugh a lot.”

Echlin explained that Apollo escaped the house out the front door. The Hometown, Illinois police were alerted.

The police encountered the family’s dog as he made his way into the front yard in the small Chicago suburb. The woman tried to call the dog into the house, but he was distracted. The police officer said that at that point, the dog showed his teeth. The officer then shot the dog as the child watched. Alexis’ mom said that the six-year-old fell to the floor screaming.

After this, according to Echlin, the police officer showed absolutely no remorse. The officer told her that it had to be done and walked away as the little girl was yelling with shock. The family took their story to the news and social media. They started a Facebook page, which has exceeded 12 thousand “likes.” The Facebook page called “Justice for Apollo.”

The story quickly received national and even global attention.

The officer was a 15-year veteran of the Illinois police department. The chief of the Hometown Police Department, however, fully investigated the officer’s actions as promised, and the officer’s job was terminated. Chief Charles Forsyth said, “This has been really an emotional roller coaster for the community, naturally for the victim’s family, my heart goes out to them, and it’s been an emotional roller coaster for my police department.”

In addition to getting fired, all of the information including witness statements, according to the police chief, will be forwarded to the Illinois State Police public integrity unit.

The family isn’t satisfied with the officer being fired; they want criminal charges brought up against the officer who killed their dog. A Facebook status update read:

“OK This is the deal. The protest is back on but we are moving it to the States Attorneys Office We are demanding Charges against ex officer Robert Norris the one who took Apollos life. Yes he was fired but does it end there NO it does not unless he is charged with felony animal cruelty he can and will be able to get a job at another police dept. I also am asking each and everyone of you to flood the states attorneys phones with demands of charges 1-312-603-8600 IS everyone ready to finish this for Apollo?”

Do you think justice has been served in Illinois now that the officer who shot the families dog has been fired, or do you think the officer should be criminally charged as well?

[Photo via Justice For Apollo’s Facebook page]