When You Put A Doberman On A Playground Slide, The Results Are Not Always Predictable [Video]

An owner of two Dobermans thought it would be amusing to take the dogs to a playground and see what happens when he put them on a slide there. Somewhere in the end, a lesson was learned. Maybe.

Don’t worry, no one was hurt — neither human nor canine — in making this video, which is going viral today. But it does show that a Doberman can exercise basic common sense. Well, sort of.

“It was my stepson 23 yrs old that went up the steps & had the dogs follow him up and PERSUADED THEM TO SLIDE,” wrote Sherry Peters, on the YouTube page where this video was posted Friday. “My daughter In law just caught THE BIG SURPRISE. KIDS!! Do the darnedest things. Oops! Backfired on them.”

That’s one way to put it.

Actually, as you will witness, the first Doberman, a male, does his best to negotiate the slide. It’s when they attempt to make his sister follow in his footsteps, or foot-slides, that things get interesting.

Doberman’s are known as highly obedient and loyal dogs, but this video proves that they still have minds of their own — and their own ways of saying, “Don’t mess with me!”

Get ready for a laugh-out-loud surprise as the second Doberman comes up with her own, creative way to beat the system.