Colbie Caillat Reveals Insecurities About Her Viral ‘Try’ Video, Urges Women To ‘Stay True To Yourself’

Musician Colbie Caillat recently released a music video for her song “Try,” which has since gone viral on YouTube. Colbie’s video has over 17 million views and counting. Caillat’s song covers the topic of self-esteem and body image and delivers a positive message of feeling comfortable in your own skin–especially pertaining to young women.

The video for Caillat’s “Try” begins by showing a group of women including Colbie singing with makeup on. As the song progresses, they slowly remove their makeup to reveal their true selves. Women of all shapes, sizes and colors appear in the video, bravely bearing their natural faces in the bright studio lights. The LA Times recently reported that Colbie Caillat had some insecurities of her own when filming the video. While at the Young Hollywood Awards, Colbie said the following about filming the video:

“I’m used to always being Photoshopped and caked on with makeup, and when I started out with no makeup and I was just sitting there with these lights on and everyone was looking at me on the cameras, I was just all insecurities.”

Colbie’s video has received incredibly positive feedback from YouTube commentors and fans alike. Caillat responded to the public’s reaction to her video.

“I felt liberated once the video was out,” Caillat explained to the Los Angeles Times. “and it’s really affected people so positively. I’m just so happy I did it.”

Web Pro News also reported on Colbie Caillat’s viral hit and her live performance of “Try” at the Young Hollywood Awards Show on Sunday night. As Colbie performed the song, the women who appeared in the video were shown on a screen behind her. Caillat proudly remarked on the bravery of the women:

“They were so beautiful and comfortable, standing there with a smile as they were singing with no makeup on,” said Colbie. “They weren’t hiding in their own skin, they were just like, ‘Yeah, this is me.'”

Colbie Caillat shared some final words of advice for anyone out there feeling insecure about their face or their bodies, and it’s a message the whole world can get behind.

“It’s really hard to stay true to yourself; it’s one of the biggest challenges,” Caillat said. “Follow your gut instinct, because people are going to want you to be something you’re not. Be happy and comfortable with who you are, whoever it may be.”