A New 'N Sync Album Came Out Today and No One Knew About It

That's right, an 'N Sync album was released today on Amazon, and no one knew about it - not even the band members themselves! In fact, This new album, titled Essential 'N Sync, would have been released and gone completely under the radar if it wasn't for Lance Bass tweeting out a screen cap of the Amazon page, expressing his disbelief:

Lance is the only member to acknowledge the album's release. No other 'NSync alum, even solo star Justin Timberlake, has commented on the compilation CD. It might seem like a big deal for an album to come out without a group even knowing, but it's not like there's anything we haven't heard on this 2-disc CD set. If Jive were to include say, an unreleased demo, then there could have been some fuss. But every track on the record, even the bonus track "Believe in Yourself" that 'N Sync recorded for an episode of Sesame Street, has already been released in some way or another. Not exactly a must-have. And, if you're a loyal 'NSync fan like myself, then you'll already have all of these tracks (even the obscure "If Only In Heaven's Eyes" or "If I'm Not The One" from the McDonald's Britney/'N Sync EP - remember that one?).

In addition to there not being any new content, there also isn't any reason to promote an NSync compilation album, considering there's no news on a reunion. There's been a few rumors of a reunion since the gang last joined the stage with Justin Timberlake at last year's VMAs. But with no foreseeable comeback on the horizon, promoting an 'N Sync album would just build hype and excitement for nothing really at all.

Regardless of the risky marketing, the secret drop still seems to be a success, considering the album is already out of stock on Amazon the day it came out. "Did [the record company] think that grown up '90s kids wouldn't buy this album for the memories?" Bustle asks about the lack of promo. "Do they know '90s kids at all? You're right, Lance Bass. They care. They care a lot."

[Image via Amazon]