Louisiana Mom Accused Of Deserting Kids In SUV, But She Sure Gave Cops An Interesting Excuse

Lousiana mom abandon kids

A 25-year-old mom in Lake Charles, Louisiana, was accused this past weekend of deserting her two terrified children in a parking lot after midnight. But when she finally showed up, as police were on the scene attempting to calm the hysterical five-year-old and seven-year-old kids, mom Princess Marks returned to her SUV and volunteered an interesting excuse regarding her whereabouts.

A passer-by in the parking lot of a Lake Charles Walmart heard the children’s cries at about 12:40 am, and quickly called the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office. The children were alone in the SUV in the darkened parking lot. The vehicle’s engine was off and the windows were down — which while it would prevent the kids from overheating inside the car, would also leave them vulnerable to strangers with bad intentions.

Fortunately, the stranger who found the two children had only good intentions, and brought sheriff’s deputies the parking lot as quickly as possible.

“Both of them were crying hysterically,” said Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office Spokesperson Kim Myers, in a comment to The New York Daily News. “While the deputies were trying to calm the children down, Princess walked up about 15 minutes later.”

So what reason did Princess offer the deputies for leaving her children alone in the car? At that point, it seems, she could have made up any story, because until then, the deputies had no idea where she was.

Instead, she chose to tell them the truth. She was on the other side of the Walmart parking lot — giving oral sex to her boyfriend in his car.

When the deputies asked her if she had a clear view of the children in her own vehicle while she was engaged in the public sex act with her boyfriend, she said she did not. In fact, she admitted that she couldn’t see the kids at all, which wasn’t too surprising, all things considered.

At that point, the Louisiana deputies arrested her and charged her with child desertion, a felony. They placed the two children in the custody of other family members.

The boyfriend, whose name was not made public, was not arrested in the incident.

The young Louisiana mom was booked and released from jail after posting a $5,000 bond.

[Image: Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office]