'Dance Moms' Spoilers: Season 4 Resumes With 'Double The Moms, Double The Trouble'

Dance Moms season 4b premieres Tuesday night on Lifetime, and fans are thrilled. What can viewers expect as new episodes resume? A lot more drama and chaos, from the sounds of things. Abby Lee Miller is dishing out more of the same, but it seems that some of the moms are stepping up and fighting back. Fans want Dance Moms spoilers, and there are a few great tidbits available.

Episode 4x21 is titled "Double the Moms, Double the Trouble." The new dance team is still in the mix, but for how long? It looks like one family may be back out the door very quickly based on the Dance Moms spoiler preview from Zap2It. Christy Hunt, Sarah's mom, dares to say that she thinks the garbage needs to be taken out and that it starts with Abby. How does Miller respond? Fans can take a guess: she tells Christy she's out.

Lifetime teases that Miller has orchestrated an opportunity for her Select Team of new gals to face-off against her Elite Team of the original girls at a competition in West Virginia. Viewers will see footage regarding Mackenzie's song doing well on the charts, and it seems this will drive Abby to give her a solo against Sarah.

Additional Dance Moms spoilers from the site indicate that the original moms will be angry that it seems Miller is favoring the new girls, but it seems the new moms may not be up for the challenge of dealing with Abby and her brusque style. The show's Wikia spoiler page shares some additional juicy tidbits, and it sounds like the original girls may have reason to worry about where they stand with Abby after these performances.

The Dance Moms spoilers indicate that the Elite Team dances a contemporary piece called "Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board," while the Select Team dances a contemporary number called "The Rapture." Apparently the new girls take first place, and the original girls take second. As for the solos, Mackenzie takes first in her division and Sarah takes third in hers.

Viewers may notice that apparently Kalani is not in this episode, and it seems contract issues arose. From the sounds of things, she will not be on upcoming episodes either. As a result, Maddie gets moved back to the Elite Team. How long will both teams be competing against one another? It would seem that this isn't something that will be sticking around for long.

As for Dance Moms spoilers regarding future episodes, it sounds like there may be serious challenges ahead for both Chloe and Maddie. There are fights, criticisms, hurt feelings, and seemingly even a departure or two. Specifically, there is buzz that Chloe may be done with the show after this half season, but that has yet to be confirmed by anyone with the show.

Just how crazy will Abby Lee Miller and season 4b of Dance Moms be? It sounds like it will be a wild one and fans are dying to tune in for every minute. Episode 4x21 titled "Double the Moms, Double the Trouble" airs on Tuesday, July 29.

[Photo via Scott Gries/Lifetime]