Ed Sheeran Is The Guest Of Honor At Irish Wedding

Ed Sheeran made his way out to Ireland to attend the wedding of his cousin Laura Sheeran. In fact, he was the guest of honor according to RTE Ten.

Sheeran flew to Spiddal, Ireland in Galway over the weekend to witness his cousin’s marriage and provide some of the entertainment. Along with Ed were the musical guests Bell X1 and the Walls.

Ed’s cousin, a native of Galway, is also a musician; and she married another musician–a keyboardist named Marc Aubelle. The couple plays together in a synth band called Nanu Nanu. Marc is also a member of the band Bell X1.

The wedding took place at Cnoc Suain, a renovated 17th century village at the gates of Connemara. The village posted about Ed Sheeran’s appearance at the wedding on their Facebook fan page:

“Smiles all round after the best wedding event of all time! Congratulations to Marc Aubelle and Laura Sheeran who got married here at Cnoc Suain over the weekend… and what a weekend it was!!!!! [Ed Sheeran] here joined in on the celebrations along with other musical acts such as Bell x1 and The Walls#wedstock.”

Laura seems pretty close to her cousin Ed. They have supported each other’s music from the start. She even helped Ed at the Irish venue in Galway, Róisín Dubh, when he performed there. She said the following about Sheeran:

“We see each other quite a lot, any time he’s in town. I’ve seen how that whole world operates through him and it’s so intense, I really don’t know how people do it. I used to cross collaborate with Ed a lot before he was signed.”

According to Irish Mirror, when Ed Sheeran was asked by two Irish fans what he was doing way out west he responded, “Just passing through.” Ed then agreed to pose with the fans for some pictures, which you can see below, courtesy of Irish Mirror.

Sheeran with an Irish fan

Sheeran with an Irish fan

Ed Sheeran recently released his second full length album X, or Multiply, which made it to the number one spot in the UK. You can read more here.

The official Twitter page of Cnoc Suain had a lot to say about Ed Sheeran’s visit, posting many tweets about Ed’s involvement in the wedding.