Kate Gosselin Accused Of Faking Reality, Slammed By Author Who Dug Through Her Trash

Kate Gosselin is making headlines once again. The reality star has been accused of reading scripts for her reality show on TLC. Naturally, the accusations come from the one and only Robert Hoffman a.k.a. the author who has dedicated a good chunk on his life trying to bring Kate down. According to Radar Online, Hoffman admitted to going through the Gosselin's trash to uncover some big secret: That parts of Jon & Kate Plus 8 were scripted.

Despite Kate's denial of such claims back in 2011, Hoffman says that Kate was often fed lines to read during the show and that she has done plenty of voice over work for producers. While he says that the whole show isn't scripted, everything that has been filmed was "totally scheduled" by TLC's team.

Kate Gosselin fans are probably wondering why any of this is important. Well, Hoffman will tell you that the fact that Kate's reality show isn't really her reality proves that she's a liar... and a terrible person... and whatever else he can think of to make you hate the woman.

"There was absolutely nothing 'organic,' normal, or natural about the Gosselin children being filmed."
Hoffman's book, Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World, is meant to show people all of the ways that Kate has (supposedly) lied throughout the years. Hoffman has gone to great lengths to gather information and put out a book about the mother of eight, who seemingly only wants to make money to support her family. Love Kate or hate her, she is just a single mother trying to support her kids any way that she can. So what if she wants to be famous? Who cares if she does Dancing With The Stars and Celebrity Apprentice? She is earning money for her family.

Kate Gosselin has been under fire from haters since Hoffman's book was released (and even before then). Recently, Kate was slammed for selling (instead of donating) her children's clothes via a consignment shop. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kate was followed by Hoffman as she brought bags of clothes into the Pennsylvania store to sell. Kate has also been accused of having her nannies eavesdrop on her children's phone conversations with their estranged father, Jon Gosselin. According to In Touch Weekly, Kate was very strict with her hired help. However, this isn't something that is surprising or makes Kate a bad person... so why all the media attention?

In many ways, this is actually all working to Kate's advantage. Remember, there's no such thing as bad publicity.

[Photo courtesy of Frazer Harrison/Getty Images North America via Zimbio.com]