Michael Strahan Attacker Gets Court-Ordered Psych Evaluation After Screaming About 'Illuminati'

After the man who attempted to attack Good Morning America cohost Michael Strahan earlier this month began screaming in a court room yesterday afternoon, the judge ordered a pychological evaluation.

As reported by the Inquisitr, the attempted attack on Strahan occurred on July 1st. Andre Johnson (25) arrived to the sets of Good Morning America and demanded to see Michael Strahan. Security guards told him he could not and asked him to leave. Andre Johnson did so, but returned wielding a knife and charged one of the guards. In seconds, several guards wrestled Johnson to the ground and had him restrained. Police were summoned and Johnson was taken into custody.

Investigators said that Andrew Johnson wanted to kill Michael Strahan, and Johnson confirmed that that was his intent. Michael Strahan was never aware of the incident and remained unharmed.

Andre Johnson was charged with felony attempted assault and criminal possession of a weapon, hence his appearance in Manhattan Supreme Court yesterday.

According to the New York Daily News, as soon as prosecutors announced his felony attempt, Andre Johnson started screaming that he wanted photos taken of the trial. When his lawyer advised him to keep quiet, he screamed out:

"That's bullshi*t! I want photos! Take the pictures!"
When his lawyer again tried to reign him in, Johnson turned on her as well.
"I want a new lawyer! This lady's against me! She's part of the Illuminati!"
According to the New York Post, the judge advised Johnson that "Anything you say could be used against you," but he was in no mood to listen, yelling - "I graduated high-school. I want another lawyer!"

Judge Laura Ward made a 'time-out' symbol with her hands and ordered a 730 Exam [a psychological competency evaluation].

Johnson was led out of the courtroom in handcuffs. However, he did not go quietly, exclaiming:

"There's a war against me, ma'am! Obama was elected to defend us. This is some bullsh*t, ma'am!"
When investigators first talked to Johnson, he claimed that he was being influenced by others to try and kill Michael Strahan, but he would not or could not tell authorities just who these "others" were, or how they were trying to influence him.
"They control my mind. They made me want to kill Michael Strahan with a knife I bought from K-Mart."
Andre Johnson is due back in Manhattan Supreme Court on August 15th for the possible results of his psychological exam.