Zynga And Best Buy Team Up, Gamers Can Now Open Best Buy Stores In Their City

Best Buy and Zynga have teamed up to take the popular electronics store to Zynga’s gaming masses. Under their newly formed partnership CityVille players will be able to open their very own Best Buy stores and collected limited edition decorations to go with those locations.

The new partnership starts immediately and runs through September 6 and under the system customers will be able to collect a smartphone, DSLR camera, refrigerator, TV and a Deal of the Day badge to complete the Best Buy Collection.

By clicking on user created Best Buy stores gamers will even see Geek Squad cars driving around their city, helping citizens with all of their computing needs.

According to Ryan Linton, Senior Director of Business Development at Zynga:

“We’re always looking for ways to make our games more realistic and personal for our players,” while he added, “This integration with Best Buy, coupled with roaming Geek Squad vehicles, creates a refreshing surprise for CityVille players.”

Users who fail to unlock all of the games items by Sept. 6 will lose the ability to unlock the mystery item.

If you miss this first event another is expected to launch on Nov. 6 and with the Holiday shopping season heating up at that time it might be an even more exciting partnership between Zynga and Best Buy.

Best Buy CityVille Decorations

What do you think about real world Best Buy stores coming to the virtual world of CityVille?