Feeling Bored And Lonely? Try Meow Chat!

Boredom and loneliness affects all of us from time to time, but thanks to the awesomeness of contemporary technology, we got great apps like Meow Chat here to help! According to the Daily Mirror, this marvelous new app, which just happens to be named Meow Chat for no legitimate reason whatsoever, basically combines traditional instant messaging apps (think WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and KIK) with traditional dating apps (think Tinder, Skout and Grindr).

Translation: “It lets you swap text and picture messages with friends [and family], or hook up with random people.”

Though Meow Chat launched months ago, it is only now gaining massive traction due to two reasons. A recent modification permits users to jump into a random chat with both nearby and faraway strangers. Second, according to MTV UK, the app, which by the way links to your Facebook profile, recently asked users “to send out invites to their friends.” Apparently, the vast majority of Meow Chat users clicked the ‘yes’ button.

Regardless, more and more people keep trying the app daily, which explains why Meow Chat currently tops the iTunes app chart in the UK and is on the way up in the US. Plus, the zany minds behind Meow Chat claim that it happens to be the fastest-growing social network in the world, with users signing up from all-over: North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

Before you jump into the hybrid world of Meow Chat, however there are some caveats that you should keep in mind.

The Independent reports that the minimum sign-up age is only 13 years old. Even worse might be the fact that the system requires zero external verification, meaning sinister individuals could easily get away with lying about their age.

The random group chats contain so much profanity and requests to chat in private that The Guardian described Meow Chat as “a sexed-up Chatroulette advertised by a cat that in no way resembles a cat.” Suffice it to say, if you sign up for the app, expect to be accosted by lots of lovesick puppies, if you get the gist.

Meow Chat contains a reward system that doles out ‘Meow’ points every time you either invite someone else to the app or favorite somebody else’s profile. The Independent rightfully classifies it as a “strong-arm” technique that essentially coerces users into promoting the app. Charming, yes?

Overall, Meow Cat seems like a viable option for the bored and lonely, though it could perhaps use some better safeguards and a whole lot less strong-arming.

[Image via Tumbler]